Your Napa County Republican Party

The Napa County Republican Party consists of unpaid members elected to our Central Committee by supervisorial districts, Republican nominees for state and federal legislative offices in our county and registered Republicans in our county who have been appointed by the Committee to fill vacancies.

Our County Party is not funded by the Republican National Committee or the California Republican Party. The Napa County Republican Party depends on voluntary contributions. During the year we host events to fund our day to day operations. They range from formal dinners to casual BBQs and are always fun, informative and feature interesting speakers.

We are committed to promoting the Republican ideals of less government and lower taxes and to electing Republicans who will support reform in our state.

Traditionally, an election year requires many volunteers to help walk precincts, man phone banks and turn out the Republican vote. This year is no exception!

Please contact us today and volunteer to work for the Napa County Republican Party. We look forward to meeting you and we hope you’ll join us in the fun as we work to turn Napa County from “Blue to Red”!