Now that you know we have an office, here are the hours of operation: Monday – Friday 3pm to 6 pm and on Saturdays 10 – 6 pm. We are also looking for volunteers to help man this office. The shifts for weekdays are 3-4:30 and 4:30 to 6. Saturday will be 2 hour shifts starting at 10am. If you wish to help, please call Glenn Ellen at 226-9151.

snap-2016-10-16-at-23-11-23We have an office!!! The address is 1011 Coombs Street. It is in the construction area at the intersection of Coombs and First Street. The office is on the west side of the construction area and there is a sidewalk between the fencing and the building as you walk north to the office. If you park in the garage across the street from Kohl’s, you will have to cross the street and walk south on the sidewalk to First Street, cross the street again and then go back north on the sidewalk toward the parking garage to get to the office. If you park in the lot on the corner of Coombs and Second Streets, just walk north crossing First Street and reaching the office in the middle of the block.


We will be dark for the months of July and August. See you at Round Table on Sept. 13th at 6:pm unless we manage to find an office.

Check out the new website for the Napa Valley Taxpayers Association using the link on the right!

Looks like Jerry got a free vacation on our dime. Also read the statement in blue and see where he has been in recent months, all in the name of Climate Change.

California Gov. Jerry Brown has hailed a new global climate change agreement, signed by nearly 200 countries at a United Nations conference in Paris late last week.

“This is a historic turning point in the quest to combat one of the biggest threats facing humanity,” said Brown, in a statement released by his office on Saturday. “Activists, businesses and sub-national leaders now need to redouble their efforts and push for increasingly aggressive action.” read more...

Chávez says GOP giving up on Senate race

Rocky Chávez has had tough getting traction on his campaign for U.S. Senate. He’s also not getting any respect from his own Republican Party.

The Oceanside assembly man said the California GOP is telling donors “don’t give to the Senate race, we can’t win,” according to the Sacramento Bee’s Christopher Cadelago. read more… (page down in this link)

When is too much enough? A look at schools, money and taxpayers


A proposed $9 billion state bond for school construction projects includes multimillion-dollar project requests from districts where student enrollment has declined, a CalWatchdog investigation has found.

The measure, on the 2016 ballot, is supported in large part by a cadre of interests led by developers, architects, contractors and educators. Among the talking points from proponents is a professed $2 billion in projects that await funding, in all nearly 400 requests from districts that have been either approved or requested by districts.

Most of the money is aimed at improving schools or building more, and in some cases for districts that are struggling to attract students.

West Contra Costa Unified has seen enrollment dip by 2,000 students to 30,596. Voters in the Northern California district approved a $360 million bond measure in 2012. The district is asking for $47 million more …Read more

Voters will confront more bonds on 2016 ballot


State Treasurer John Chiang issued a report recently that praises California’s fiscal strides in dealing with debt but also raises warnings that the state is still in the deep end of the debt pool. The issue of debt will be on voters minds as they confront a number of likely ballot issues next year that deal with bonds.

First, the good news from Chiang’s report. The treasurer notes that over the last five years the state has finished paying off economic recovery bonds issued during the fiscal crisis of the last decade, strengthened the state budget rainy day fund, and potentially saved millions with pension reform. All this has lead to increased credit ratings from the credit rating agencies Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch. With the improved ratings the treasurer was able to refinance some of the state’s debt and save taxpayers up to $2 billion.

However, Chiang observed that despite…

Read more


A Conservatives Guide to the GOP Debate  

It’s typical for candidates to put on their best show during primary season…but what about when they’re done clamoring for your vote? What does their record say about where they actually stand on the issues? Do their campaign talking points match their record? Have they changed their position over time?
Candidates have every incentive to frame their records in a positive light and omit decisions they’ve made along the way that voters would find unappealing.
Vetting candidates is a daunting task, and we know as we speak from experience. At Conservative Review, we have worked diligently to ensure that our readers are informed on the past and present positions of presidential candidates through our Presidential Profiles. Nowhere else online is there a more detailed or easily digestible format of information on the 2016 candidates and their records. We did the heavy lifting so you didn’t have to, and have compiled detailed profiles for all 15 of the major GOP candidates.

So as you watch the upcoming debates in the weeks ahead, or as you listen to a candidate’s stump speech, see how it compares to their record and let Conservative Review’s Presidential Profiles serve as a guide, providing valuable data and context.

candidate comparison
Governor Brown got this one right.
Opening another fissure with members of his own party, Gov. Jerry Brown has come down on the opposite side of a proposed statewide increase in the minimum wage. read more….

I try to place politics in perspective.

How Bad Policies And Bad Ideas Caused The California Water Shortage

The signs of it are everywhere.  The once-Golden State is suffering from what has been called the Great California Train Shortage. Thousands have lost their jobs because they are unable to get to work.  It is said that ten of thousands will lose their jobs every year unless train tracks are laid between Los Angeles and San Francisco, which will allow trains to travel half as fast as a Southwest Airlines plane. Read More…

Facts about the Keystone Pipeline vs Obama’s position

It is not hard to see the Left’s tactics. Ignore the facts and repeat the same things until they become facts or people buy them, whichever comes first. Many in this country have not paid much attention in the past. Therefore this has been a very good strategy. As people pass by their TV’s they hear the same rhetoric, and it begins to sink in, and the next thing they know they are spouting it to their friends. Well, Obama is using this strategy with the XL Pipeline. Read more…

“We could certainly slow the aging process down if it had to work its way through Congress.”

– Will Rogers
Senator Boxer to Retire: Replacement Donnybrook to Begin
By Jon Fleischman

On Thursday, one of California’s two long-serving Democrat Senators, Barbara Boxer, 74, announced that she will not be seeking re-election next year. First elected in 1992, Boxer has been perhaps one of the most stridently liberal voices in the United States Senate for over two decades. Boxer released (Click released to see it) her announcement in the form of a choreographed “interview” between herself and her oldest grandson, Zack, released on YouTube. Read more at Breitbart California

CalPERS Unfunded Liability: Feds says $754 Billion, LAO says $340 Billion, Controller Says $198 Billion

By Stephen Frank on Dec 19, 2014 07:38 pm

Government can not get its story straight—which is why we have no trust or respect for government. Nor should we believe anything they claim. Our confused Guv Brown claims the budget is balanced—but we have according to the LAO $340 billion in debt. Last week the State Controller announced the unsustainable unfunded liability of CalPERS […]

Read More and Comment: CalPERS Unfunded Liability: Feds says $754 Billion, LAO says $340 Billion, Controller Says $198 Billion

Report: Unions Avoid The Minimum Wage

Unions love raising the minimum wage, so long as they are exempt.
A new report, “Labor’s Minimum Wage Exemption,” by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found many labor unions are exempt from the various local minimum wage laws they support for everyone else.

“Not all minimum wage increases come in the same form,” the report notes. “Some local ordinances in particular include an exemption for employers that enter into a collective bargaining agreement with a union.”

The report explains that these sort of “escape clauses” are often designed to encourage unionization because they make membership a low cost alternative for employers. This, explains the report, raises questions about who these minimum wage laws are actually meant to help. (Read more…)

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